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Unified Branding and Logo Design Solutions at CFB Borden

Updated: Mar 20

My tenure at CFB Borden stands out as a period of significant professional growth and creative exploration. Tasked with the challenge of revamping and unifying the visual identity of several key entities within the base, my projects spanned from redesigning mess hall logos to creating a versatile logo for the base's sports teams and establishing a visual identity for the Terra Theatre.

Mess Halls - Logo Redesign

Juno Beach Mess, Waterloo Mess and Jr Ranks Mess Logos
Final logo designs for the three Mess Halls at CFB Borden

Challenge: The mess halls at CFB Borden previously sported disparate logos that lacked cohesion and failed to represent the unity and spirit of the Canadian Armed Forces. The challenge was to redesign these logos to ensure they felt part of a family while incorporating the Canadian Armed Forces Crest and adhering to bilingual requirements.

Process: The redesign process began with an in-depth analysis of the existing logos, identifying elements that failed to communicate the desired message. In collaboration with stakeholders, I developed a design brief that emphasized unity, respect for tradition, and the need for bilingualism. Drawing inspiration from the Armed Forces' values and aesthetics, I created a series of sketches and digital mockups, iterating based on feedback until the designs perfectly balanced individuality with a sense of belonging.

Solution: The result was a trio of logos that, while distinct, shared a common visual language. Incorporating the Canadian Armed Forces Crest into each design, I ensured consistency and respect for tradition. Careful typographic choices and layout adjustments allowed for seamless bilingual integration, achieving a cohesive and versatile identity for the mess halls.


Collage of various Borden Stars merchandise and photos

Borden Stars Logo Design

CFB Borden Stars Logo

Challenge: Designing a logo for the Borden Stars, the base's sports team, presented a unique challenge. The logo needed to encapsulate the spirit of competition and teamwork across various sports without favoring any specific branch of the military.

Process: After thorough research and brainstorming, the choice of colours became pivotal in meeting the project's objectives. The design process involved sketching, digital prototyping, and constant dialogue with the sports team representatives to ensure the logo resonated with all stakeholders.

Solution: The final logo featured a dynamic and adaptable design that symbolized excellence (gold), strength and unity (black), and Canadian pride (red). This versatile logo successfully represented the Borden Stars across all sports, fostering a sense of identity and pride within the team.


Terra Theatre Logo

Terra Theatre Logo Design

Challenge: The Terra Theatre, a cherished but previously logo-less venue on base, required a visual identity that captured its old-school cinema charm while accommodating bilingualism.

Process: Drawing inspiration from vintage cinema aesthetics, I embarked on creating a logo that would pay homage to the theatre's heritage. The design process involved researching classic cinema logos, experimenting with typography, and incorporating modern design principles to ensure readability in both English and French.

Solution: The resulting logo perfectly balanced nostalgia with functionality, offering a bilingual visual identity that resonated with the base's community. It provided the Terra Theatre with a distinct brand, enhancing its visibility and appeal as a key entertainment venue at CFB Borden.

Terra Theatre Mockups on Popcorn and Pop
Terra Theatre Logo Lock Up


My journey at CFB Borden was a testament to the power of thoughtful design in fostering community and pride. From unifying the visual identity of the mess halls to capturing the spirit of competition with the Borden Stars logo, and finally, giving the Terra Theatre a face that reflects its significance, each project underscored the importance of design in building and strengthening community bonds. Witnessing my work, particularly the Borden Stars logo, become a central part of the base's identity—highlighted by its prominent display at the arena—has been a career highlight, underscoring the lasting impact of our creative endeavors.

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