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Gindex Logo Design

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A repeat client was looking to expand their ever-growing gin empire with an online craft gin marketplace, Gindex.

They required a branded look and feel that had a similar aesthetic to the other gin brands we previously developed together; GinBirds, GinFever and GinNation (...see what I mean about an empire)


  • Logo design

  • Recipe card design

  • Sample ad design

Clipboard containing the Gindex primary logo

Logo Design

I began the project as I always do, with lots of sketching. Through this, a few ideas always stand out that I further explore on the computer. I designed a typographically dominant logo that evokes a sense of class. The primary logo features a border that resembles a tab from a file folder, playing off the 'index' word in the name. The custom letter "G" looks both upper and lowercase, giving it a unique feel that can also be used as a standalone icon. To further enhance the design, a line forms through the tops of the letters, creating a perfect upward angle. The end result is a versatile and memorable logo that fits the brands vision perfectly.

Final Design Concept
Gindex logo lockup featuring primary, secondary and alternative logo. The logo itself is the word Gindex written in a modern serif font, encased in a tab shape

Recipe Card Design

To promote the Gindex brand, we designed a recipe card that would be included in every order. The card featured a simple and elegant design that included an image of the cocktail and instructions for creating the perfect drink using Gindex sourced gin.

A recipe card for a Rosemary Grapefuit Martini containing the Gindex logo in the bottom right

Sample Ad Design

I also designed a sample ad that would help promote Gindex's new online gin store. The ad featured a minimalist design that highlighted the brand's unique logo and emphasized the convenience of shopping online and having craft Australian gin delivered straight to your door.

Bus stop shelter featuring a Gindex ad that reads 'Craft Australian Gin delivered straight to your door"
An apron that is dark deep green with the Gindex logo on it

Through collaboration with The Gin Bird company, Vectoria Creative was able to create a unique and memorable logo that helped launch the new online gin store, Gindex. The versatile logo family, recipe card design, and sample ad design have helped Gindex establish a strong and recognizable brand identity.

If you're looking to develop a unique and professional brand identity for your small business or start up, contact Vectoria Creative today! We offer various packages at a variety of price points to suit every need and budget. Let's team up and get started!

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