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Updated: Jul 10

I am excited to share a curated collection of logo designs that span a wide range of industries and showcase my work over the past few years.

Each logo represents a unique brand story and reflects the distinct identity of the business it was crafted for. From sleek and modern to playful and vibrant, these designs highlight my versatility and dedication to creating meaningful brand visuals.

Ridiculously Happy People by Sophia Lemon

Industry: Photography

The Ridiculously Happy Ppl logo, designed for Sophia Lemon, embodies a playful and positive spirit that is impossible to miss. With its bouncy and imperfect text, the logo captures the carefree and joyful nature of the brand. The flash lines add an upbeat and dynamic touch, while the lemon aperture smile cleverly incorporates Sophia’s last name, symbolizing both a photographic lens and a crooked, cheerful grin. This logo perfectly encapsulates the essence of Ridiculously Happy Ppl, making it both memorable and meaningful.


Spice Junkies Smoke Co

Industry: Food and Beverage

Spice Junkie Smoke Co is a dynamic brand dedicated to the art of seasoning and smoking. This logo, crafted with bold, rustic typography, embodies the robust flavours and fiery passion behind the brand. The hidden pepper within the flame adds a nice easter egg to the design, symbolizing the brand's playful yet intense focus on spices. Spice Junkie Smoke Co is not only a line of premium seasonings but also a YouTube channel that dives deep into the world of smoking techniques, recipes, and tips. This logo perfectly captures the essence of the brand, making it instantly recognizable and engaging.


Fourth Line Farms

Industry: Farming

The logo for Fourth Line Farms channels the charm and authenticity of an old-school vintage farm sign, perfectly capturing the essence of this custom farming solutions provider. Specializing in a wide array of agricultural services, from growing to plowing, Fourth Line Farms needed a graphic that was both all-encompassing and timeless. The choice of a weathervane as the central element reflects the universal reliance on weather in farming, making it a fitting symbol for the brand.


Stockyard Stationery

Industry: Stationery and paper goods


Ferngully Farms

Industry: Farming

The Ferngully Farm logo radiates a playful and nostalgic charm, reminiscent of old-school farm life. The doily-inspired shape and whimsical illustrations paint a vibrant farm scene, featuring everything from animals to vegetables, tools, and flowers. This design captures the essence of a lively and diverse farm environment, celebrating the beauty and simplicity of rural living. Established in 2017 in Creemore, Ontario, Ferngully Farm's logo perfectly embodies the farm's dedication to sustainable and joyful agriculture, making it an inviting and memorable brand identity.


Hygge Wellness

Industry: Massage therapy

The Hygge Wellness logo embodies the essence of comfort, healing, and a deep connection to nature, perfectly aligning with the brand's philosophy and the practice of its massage therapist. The central branch with leaves symbolizes growth and the organic journey of healing. The harmonious connection between Earth and Fire is captured in the icon, representing grounding qualities and growth, with the flame evoking the cozy feel of a lit candle. Subtly incorporated stars add a touch of magic and symbolize hope and positive energy. The rough, organic typography reflects the grounded and restorative process of healing, while also giving a rural, authentic feel.

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