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Pawsitive Vets Logo and Brand Identity

Pawsitive Vets Logo

Pawsitive Vets approached me to help develop a logo and brand identity system to launch their vet clinic brand.

With plans for franchising, the logo needed to be dynamic and adaptable to accommodate different town names or neighbourhoods.

  • Custom main logo

  • Secondary logo

  • Brand guide book

We took a non-traditional approach by choosing not to use animal illustrations in the logo, but instead, something that hinted at animals - a snout. The snout design also resembled a heart, representing the great care and compassion that Pawsitive Vets provides to their furry patients.

To convey a fun and playful vibe, we opted for a bright orange and light blue colour palette. The typography was chosen to be clean and modern, yet approachable and welcoming.

The brand guide book included clear guidelines for the use of the logo, typography, colour palette, and imagery to maintain a cohesive brand image across all touch points.

Pawsitive Vets Logo explanation graphic

Pawsitive Vets Logo Alternate and Icon on a light blue and orange background

Dynamic Logo Examples

Dynamic Pawsitive Vets Logo examples with different location names used in each logo variation

Dynamic Pawsitive Vets Logo (Circular Version) examples with different location names used in each logo variation


A dog food bowl mockup using a pattern made from the logo, and a dog over a computer screen showcasing the logo

A mockup of a storefront for Pawsitive Vets

A mockup of two white mugs with the Pawsitive Vets logo on an orange background

The final result was a distinctive and memorable logo and brand identity system that captured the essence of Pawsitive Vets. The brand's dynamic and adaptable design allowed for easy adaptation if new locations were to open, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

The new brand identity helped Pawsitive Vets stand out in a competitive market and establish a strong foundation for them to grow and succeed.

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