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Daily To-Do List

A daily planner with dedicated spaces to set your top priorities for the day, alongside a comprehensive section for your to-do list. Organize your tasks by assigning timings or numbering them according to importance. This 6x9" paperback book contains 150 pages to help you stay organized and focused every day.

Checkered Cover


The Logo Sketchbook

Are you a graphic designer seeking a refined approach to sketching logos? 'The Logo Sketchbook' is your ultimate companion, featuring 8.5 x 11" dotted paper pages for your logo concepts, a blank square at the bottom for final designs, and a designated area for notes. This paperback book elevates your logo design process with subtle, thoughtful features that enhance creativity.



Weekly Meal Planner

This carefully crafted meal planner has over 52 weekly spreads, each thoughtfully designed to help you efficiently plan and execute your meals for the week. Using this planner can lead to reduced cooking times and savings on your grocery expenses—all from the simple act of planning ahead!

Mushroom Cover

Citrus Cover



For everyone who struggles to stick with something, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! The Habit Journal is your key to forming better habits. It’s designed to help you set clear habits and track them in a fun, visual way. The journal is pre-loaded with habit tracking templates along with blank templates to set your own goals.

Boho Cover

Checkered Cover


Daily Toddler Log

Whether you're a caregiver, a nanny, or a day care provider the Daily Toddler Log is an indispensable tool for effortlessly documenting the daily routines of little ones.


Holiday Planner

Our Holiday planner is the perfect sidekick that empowers you to meticulously plan every facet of the holiday season. Whether you're arranging your menu or strategizing your gift lists, it becomes your trusted companion for a stress-free Christmas experience.

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