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SS Woodburning Logo

Updated: May 26, 2023

The main logo for SS Woodburning which is a two toned red and orange flame (where the flame makes up an SS shape) above an all caps text SS Woodburning, followed by a pair of axes below.

SS Woodburning is a custom wood-burning art brand founded by Samantha Stafford, a former rugby teammate of mine.

Samantha reached out to me to design a new logo for her brand, after gaining traction on social media with her premade and custom pieces.


  • Logo and submarks

  • Color palette development

  • Social media banners

  • Branding guide booklet

A secondary logo created for SS Woodburning which was the main logo encompassed in a double stroke wide diamond

The Process

My logo design process always begins with traditional pen and ink sketches to explore various ideas and concepts. I experimented with many "S+S" combinations and eventually stumbled upon the idea of incorporating flames.

After several more sketches, the S+S Flame mark emerged as the standout concept.

I knew that any icon featuring 'SS' would need to be subtle and abstract, so as not to compete with the typographic SS in the name below.

The flame design was perfect because it provided a clever factor that could be noticed upon closer inspection. Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome, and Samantha was equally satisfied with the final result.

“Oh my gosh I friggen love it!!!! It’s exactly what I was picturing but waaay better! That is awesome thank you so much. I really love the extra stamp version because I was wanting to get one made! I really appreciate all the thought and effort you put in too, above and beyond for sure. Thanks so much again! ”
Samantha Stafford, Owner or SS Woodburning

An image depicting a list of concept explanations reading: 2 letter "s', crossed axes and industrial font

A black and red checkered pattern with the logo brand mark (flames) in each square

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