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Nicole Ninni Logo

Updated: May 2, 2023

Nicole Ninni Nails logo

Working with Nicole to create a stunning logo and brand for her new nail salon was a truly fulfilling project for me. Her willingness to collaborate and openness to ideas made the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

Logo Project Deliverables:

  • Custom Logo Design + Variations

  • Typography Elements

  • Colour Palette Development

  • Product Mockups

  • Loyalty Cards

Nicole had a vision for her brand, and I was excited to bring it to life through the logo design and branding elements. The colour palette she had in mind was beautiful, and with some fine-tuning, we created a functional and visually appealing logo system with a clever icon. The typography elements were carefully chosen to complement the overall aesthetic and brand personality. Product mockups helped us visualize the brand in action and bring it to life for Nicole. Additionally, we created loyalty cards with a unique swatch design to showcase previous nail colours and create a personalized touch for customers.

The final result not only reflected her vision but also communicated the quality and professionalism of her services. Overall, the project was a success, and I'm thrilled to have contributed to the growth and success of her business.

Project mockups using the new logo

Nail polish bottle mockups in red and green

Flat lay image of a loyalty card

Loyalty Cards - The idea is to swatch the nail colour from your visit so you can look back on your previous choices.

Logo concept explanation: Two letter Ns overlapping to create nail art, oval shape to resemble a nail and a handwritten font for a personal touch.

This logo really came together nicely and was backed by a solid concept

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