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Electrical Elite Logo Design

Updated: May 2, 2023

Electrical Elite Inc. Logo in white and yellow on a black background

Electrical Elite, an established electrical business, approached me with a goal to modernize their branding and logo, which had been homemade and lacked a professional touch. We decided to take a completely new direction and rebrand the business from scratch.


  • Custom logo

  • Secondary logo and symbol

  • Product Mockups

  • Electrical box stickers

  • Lawn Signs

  • Business Card

To create a clean and professional look, I chose typography that complemented the new logo design, which is a clever combination of two letter Es forming the shape of an electrical prong or plug. The logo concept required a lot of experimentation and sketches before landing on the final design.

I also created a secondary circular logo that the client loved so much that it was integrated into the side of their vans and crew uniforms.

The new branding package has helped Electrical Elite stand out from the competition and present themselves as a professional and reliable company in the electrical industry.

Electrical Elite's secondary logo (circular design) on a bright blue background

Logo concept explanation graphic

Logo lock up graphic show casing the logo on a variety of backgrounds and colour schemes

Flat lay mock up of black tshirts white the white and yellow logo on top

Van mockup

Sample mockup of a full van wrap.

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