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Wedding Invitation Designs

Updated: May 2, 2023

Wedding Invitation and Design

As a graphic designer, it's always an honor to design wedding invitations. The wedding invitation is often the first impression guests have of the big day, so it's essential to make it captivating and unforgettable. When I design wedding invitations, I take a personalized approach and start by asking the bride and groom a few questions to get to know them better. This helps me tailor the invitations to reflect the couple's unique personalities and incorporate any significant motifs or details from their life. Whether it's using watercolors, digital illustrations, or typography only, my goal is to create something that is uniquely them.

Deliverables often include:

  • Wedding invitations

  • Table numbers

  • Seating cards

  • Thank you cards

Shannon and Stuart

For Shannon and Stuart's wedding invitations, we wanted to showcase Shannon's proud Irish roots. I experimented with watercolors and created a few shamrocks and flowers, which I then arranged in Photoshop to create the final design.

In addition to the wedding invitations, I also designed table numbers and seating cards that perfectly complemented the couple's rustic farm vibe. The seating cards were styled beautifully on the big day with rustic frames that accentuated Stuart's farming roots.

Flat lay view of an envelop and invite for Shannon and Stu. It has watercoloured shamrocks on the top border and features a beautiful elegant script font

Table numbers at Shannon and Stus wedding in a rustic barn board frame and shamrock watercoloured borders


Saarah and Robb

As a graphic designer, designing wedding invitations is always an honor. It's even more special when it's for a close friend. I had the pleasure of designing my best friend Saarah's wedding invitations when she got married in October 2019.

Explanation/Concept: Saarah and Robb's wedding took place at a charming cottage resort in Northern Ontario, and it wasn't just a one-day event but rather a whole wedding weekend! I wanted to create wedding invitations that reflected the couple's love for nature and their unique personalities.

For this project, I decided to use my iPad and Procreate to create the design. This was my first time using this tool for designing wedding invitations, and I quickly realized that it would be a game-changer for future projects. I watercolored the maple tree in the centre of the main invites to give it a personal touch.

Saarah and Robb were thrilled with the outcome of the wedding invitations, and I was honoured to have had the opportunity to create something special for my best friend's wedding. Being both a bridesmaid and the designer made the experience even more meaningful, and it's something that I will always cherish.

Flat lay of a 3 piece wedding stationery set with a burgundy and fall colour theme on a purple background. It features an invite, RSVP card and details card.

Close up view of the invites details


Janelle and Sean

As a graphic designer, it's always a privilege to create wedding invitations, but it's even more special when it's for a lifelong friend. When Janelle and Sean asked me to design their wedding invites for their fall nuptials, I was thrilled to create something that would set the tone for their special day.

Janelle and Sean had a clear vision for their wedding invites, which made the design process a breeze. With their desired moody burgundy colour scheme and classic floral elements in mind, we worked together to create something that reflected their personalities and style. The elongated text with swashes added a touch of elegance and sophistication, while the bright white stock provided a beautiful contrast to the deep burgundy colours.

Creating Janelle and Sean's wedding invitations was an incredibly special experience for me. As a lifelong friend of the bride, it was an honour to contribute to their wedding day in such a meaningful way. I'm happy to report that the invitations were a hit and truly set the tone for their beautiful fall wedding.

Flat lay image of Janelle and Seans wedding invite, RSVP and envelop which features a beautiful burgundy and light pink water coloured roses with an elegant script font which extends off the page


Victoria and Ryan... aka my own!

Creating my own wedding invitations was a true labor of love. As a designer, I have always dreamed of designing my own invitations and the pressure to make them perfect was a there!

But despite the that, the process was incredibly rewarding. Being able to infuse my own personal style and tastes into something so meaningful made my special day that much more special.

Flat lay of Victoria and Ryan's wedding invites which feature a stamp of a tree ring in the corner of the invite and RSVP card which is a beautiful taupe and sage green

The details

I purchased a Cricut to help me with wedding prep and it really came in handy. I made every guest a Cricut cut card stock name which was an affordable solution to name cards that looked great. I used it for numerous signs and even my cake topper! I highly recommend a Cricut if you're a craft person planning your wedding. I saved a ton of money!



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