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Naturaw Canine Food Rebrand and Packaging Design

Updated: May 2, 2023

Flat lay view of three treat bags surrounding the Naturaw logo

It was a pleasure to work on the rebranding project for Naturaw Canine Foods, a brand that shares my passion for providing dogs with high-quality, raw, and additive-free food sourced from Canadian farmers.


  • New logo with familiarity to old

  • Develop branding elements and a fresh look and feel

  • Treat Bag Packaging Design

We created a new look and feel that maintained Naturaw's existing logo's vibe. Our goal was to capture their commitment to transparency and quality by using clean and natural design elements. The product labels we designed showcased the raw, human-grade ingredients and emphasized the brand's dedication to providing healthy, additive-free food for dogs.

It was rewarding to work with a brand that takes such a responsible approach to pet food. The final product showcased Naturaw's true essence and their commitment to transparency and quality. It was an honor to be a part of their journey!

Logo Design

A before and after comparison of the new and old logo

Naturaw's logo lockup

Treat Packaging Design

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