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5 Tips for Sparking Logo Design Ideas

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Have you ever gone to sketch logo ideas but once the pen hit the paper, you drew a blank?

When it comes to logo design, getting started is often the hardest part, but do not fret! I've put together some tips that can help you get past that creative slump.

I will also share a real example of how these specific tips helped me get creative during my Gin Bird logo design project.

1. Word Maps

Map out all the words that come to mind when thinking about your logo. You'd be surprised how a word association game can spark visual ideas. Here is what I brainstormed for the Gin Birds Logo:

2. Combine Things

Sketch ideas from your word map and look for similar shapes and see how those shapes can be combined or woven together. You could also try combining objects with letters, so keep an eye out for shapes and line work that resembles letters in your logo.

Here are two logo sketches I came up with by combining two words from my word map

3. Get inspired!

Search for design inspiration related to the logo's industry on these websites:


  • Dribble

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

It's also a great idea to follow design accounts that share a lot of logo work so you can keep up to date with trending styles and colours.

Tip - Screenshot (Cmd+Shift+3) things you like and save them to a folder to refer to later.

4. Research

I know this one is usually a given, but I couldn’t leave it off the list! Familiarize yourself with the industry, research the competition, get on social media and explore, etc. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas the act of researching can spark!

5. Take a break

You've been working at it all day but still don't even have anything worth exploring... now what? Take a step back and leave it for tomorrow.

It always amazes me how an idea will hit me out of nowhere after putting it away for a day or two. It's always in the shower or right before bed.

I almost ditched this Gin Birds logo sketch after getting frustrated that my sketch wasn't looking right on screen.

After I came back the following day and took a second look, I realized it was a simple balance issue. I added the diamond shape and moved the birds positions and it came together beautifully.

Here is the final Gin Birds logo!

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