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Are we a good fit?

Hiring a designer can be a lot like dating. Not everyone will be the perfect fit for each other, and that’s ok!
We’re a good fit if

✅ You have all the necessary information and are ready to begin the design process for your project.

✅ You enjoy my design aesthetic and recent portfolio work

✅ You’re able to meet all timelines, deadlines and provide consistent communication

✅ You are willing to give me design freedom, according to your vision

✅ You’re open to collaboration

✅ You want a designer who will also be your cheerleader and is happy to see you succeed.

✅ You understand that good design takes time and cannot be rushed

We may not be a good fit if

❌ You do not have a clear direction on where you want your business to go

❌ You self-identify as ‘picky’

❌ You have a set vision on the design you want and are not open to collaboration or new ideas

❌ You do not value the time and effort that goes into a design project and will tend to haggle pricing

❌ You need everything to be exactly the way you want it

❌ You do not connect with the styles of my recent work

❌ You don’t yet have the time to commit to a project and can’t ensure consistent communication

Think we'd be a good fit?

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